Characteristics of the swimming pool shell

Our fibreglass swimming pools boast a 35-year structural guarantee, but what makes them so resistant? Today, we will be discovering some of the features that make fibreglass swimming pools so attractive.

Fibreglass swimming pools are made up of different layers in their manufacture. Specifically, our pools are the only one on the market that are made up of 4 layers, something we have talked about on other occasions and which you can see in this video:

Characteristics of a fibreglass swimming pool

There are many reasons for choosing to install a fibreglass swimming pool. Our website and social media channels are full of information that will you help to choose from our more than 24 models, but there are other elements that also guarantee the durability of the pool, such as shell wall stiffeners or close-beam construction.

To make this easier to explain, we have designed this infographic that explains the characteristics of the shell of our fibreglass swimming pools.

We hope that this information helps you to better understand the benefits of fibreglass compared to other types of swimming pool.

Fibreglass swimming pools – Characteristics